Friday, April 30, 2010


soviet non-conformist art from the 1980s

haunch of venison, london
april 16 – june 26, 2010


rugwind: guerilla bench

the german design studio rugwind has designed this seemingly normal electrical box that transforms into a bench for sitting when needed.

Also known as guerrilla bench, the project aims to subvert the
objects of the typical urban environment, making them more human and functional.

The bench neatly folds up inside a standard electric box case. a user simply opens the box, unfolds the bench and takes
a seat by themselves or with friends to create a small congregation point. the box blends into the street
scene, only coming to life when a user with knowledge of its hidden life walks by.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

love ring

chutapat wittaya

dadahack: TAP3

developed by london and stockholm based design and musical duo dadahack, ' TAP3' is a
custom-made mp3 playing cassette. it can be used as a personal music player by plugging
in your headphones to the device, and can be loaded with more music via a mini USB.
alternatively, it also functions as a cassette when played in a standard tape deck.

'tufted pigs' by yvonne fehling & jennie peiz

Still lives
Objects for domestic space.

Fitment, toy, luxury good, sculpture.
Stuffed toy, gym equipment.
Projection area.


They deliberately defy all definition.

There is both something confounding and liberating about it.

In any case, they are a welcome change in an unexpected direction.