Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Origin 2011: Day Five Highlights, Stefania Lucchetta & Jane Macintosh

For the last of our highlights of Origin, we bring you Stefania Lucchetta and Jane Macintosh. Origin is now closed, so if you didn’t get to go, make sure you check out F7’s previous posts!
Stefania Lucchetta
Stefania Lucchetta creates jewels with a strong contemporary aesthetic, resulting from a long and deep research on shapes, materials and new techniques. She uses both cutting edge technologies and more traditional techniques, working with materials such as titanium, anallergic steel and resin, sometimes combined with precious metals.

Jane Macintosh
One-off pieces of jewellery using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Precious metals are combined so they enhance each other with their subtle contrasts of tone and colour and add depth to the cool geometry of the designs. The silver is sometimes oxidised for a dramatic effect and gemstones are used as highlights.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Origin 2011: Day Four Highlights, Ruth Tomlinson & Susi Hines

Day four at Origin, and today’s highlights are brought to you from Ruth Tomlinson and Susi Hines, both fantastically intricate designers, but again, both totally different. I love Ruth’s style, and the mixture of gems perfectly contrasts the way she works into the metal, giving each piece a completely individual look. While with Susi’s jewellery, you can feel the time and planning that has gone into each section of her work, her neckpieces are just simply stunning for a metalwork geek like me, as well as being totally beautiful in their own right.

Ruth Tomlinson

She writes; My jewellery is driven by a passion for tiny intricacies, small oddities and my search for preciousness within the world. My inspiration comes from lifecycles, change in nature and the history of jewellery. There are five collections to date including Flora, Encrustations, Hoard, Sketch and the 'Diamond and Wedding' collection.

Ruth TomlinsonRuth TomlinsonRuth TomlinsonRuth TomlinsonRuth Tomlinson


Susi Hines

She writes; Fine jewellery in 18ct gold and silver, this collection is influenced by orreries and spheres. I use both traditional and modern techniques with etching and engraving. My work engages from a distance as well as close up by using movement, rotation and linkage.

Susi HinesSusi HinesSusi HinesSusi HinesSusi Hines

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Origin 2011: Day Three Highlights, Jo Hayes Ward & Momocreatura

Day three of Origin highlights come from Jo Hayes Ward and Momocreatura, two fantastic designers, with completly different styles of jewellery, but we love them both.

Jo Hayes Ward

Constructing jewellery from small elemental units, Jo Hayes Ward creates intricate sculptural pieces with an architectural aesthetic. Her award winning designs include simple forms that on close inspection dissolve into a filigree of shimmering cubes, striking interlocking gold and diamond rings and bold three-dimensional brooches in gold, silver and aluminium.

Jo Hayes Ward Jo Hayes Ward Jo Hayes Ward Jo Hayes Ward


She writes; My jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images. Influenced by medieval Europe, Victorian and Japanese pop culture, my references combine to create figurative macabre objects. The silver and gold pieces are finely handcrafted assemblages of child-like imagination, suggestive of ambiguous, twisted humour.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Origin 2011: Day Two Highlights, Lee Myungjoo & Yoriko Mitsuhashi

Day two of Origin, todays highlights are from the east. Two fantastic jewellers Myungjoo Lee from South Korea, and Yoriko Mitsuhashi all the way from Japan.

Myungjoo Lee

She writes; Roll and Bend are themes and techniques that I use on my simple formed jewellery pieces. To give vitality I use a painting effect on silver with Keumboo (Korean overlay technique) and gold leaf. I want my jewellery to be a small sculpture on your body.


Yoriko Mitsuhashi

She writes; My work attempts to capture the transient existence which reflects the simplest and twisted geometric shape. When we bake biscuits, adding vanilla essence which you may not taste but is a necessary ingredient to enhance the flavour. Thus, my work can be an essential part of the wearer even imperceptibly.

Yoriko Mitsuhashi - Ringimg_36img_16img_4img_3img_15img_35


Friday, September 23, 2011

Origin 2011: First day Highlights, Kimberley Selwood & Tanja Ufer

Origin is probably one of my favourite yearly events, the exhibitors are of the highest standard and its definitely somewhere you should be going to if your not already. Moving this year from Summerset House, to Old Spitalfields Market, Origin opened yesterday and runs until the 28th of September. I will be publishing my highlights, over the next few days.
Origin offers a rare opportunity to see and buy a diverse range of high quality, original craft from over 200 makers in one convenient location. Disciplines range from ceramics, furniture, metalwork and glass, to fashion accessories, jewellery and knitwear.
22-28 September 2011 | Old Spitalfields Market London E1 6EW


Kimberley Selwood

Jewellery inspired by organic forms. Each piece boasts intricate patterns and delicate textures, in combinations of silver and gold, which really allow Kimberley's designs to stand out from the crowd. Industry experts are hailing her "eye-catching originality" and have marked her out as a British designer to watch out for.

Tanja Ufer
Individual silver and gold jewellery for men and women with unusual gemstones, such as rough diamonds, andean opals and crystallised agates. The often structural and heavy rings are lightened by the vibrant colour of the gemstones and the fine gold Kumboo on the edges.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

F7 Shop: Welcome Mabel Hasell

We would like to welcome Mabel Hasell onto F7’s shop, her work has been some of the highest viewed since launch, and pretty much all of the feedback we have received so far has been about how people just love her pieces.
We conducted a short interview for you to learn more about her, and her jewellery. 
You can buy her fantastic work from: F7 Shop
How do you start your design process?
I use the stones as a starting point, there colour, shape and size determine the design completely.

How did you come up with such an interesting solution as Floating Gems?
I wanted to create something different and design jewellery where the stones aren’t set where you would expect them to be. This approach allowed me to create unorthodox pieces that emphasised the vibrant gemstones even more so than just setting them traditionally.

Since graduating what have you been up to?
I have been developing my collection, taking part in exhibitions, fairs and I have taken on commissions.

What are your future ambitions?
I would love to have a collection of gold pieces and my own boutique.

What is the most important piece of jewellery you own?
It would have to be my big cluster ring I made when I was at university. It is so unique and I love how the gems have clustered.
Floating Gems CuffFloating Gems BraceletFloating Gems Ring 2Crystal Ring 4Crystal Ring 3Crystal Ring 2Floating Gems Earrings 1Floating Gems Ball Necklace 1
you can buy her fantastic work from: F7 Shop