Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joji Kojima

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The justified sinner; Teeth ring

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Ana Maria; Extrusion Jewellery


from the artist;

I have recently designed a Jewellery line in collaboration with Unibox, recycling off cuts from their range of aluminium extrusions.

The project allowed me to look at the engineering properties of the extrusions and manipulate them to demonstrate their tactility and diversity, to create an almost organic representation of their forms.

The results were then anodised in a range of metallic finishes to further enhance the unique properties of the material.

Danielle Vroemen; Geom


Danielle Vroemen's new collection is entitled Geom, inspired by the platonic solids named after Plato.

Stephanie Hensle; Meat

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Meat. The word alone polarizes. For some it represents the sensuous, the erotic, life and carnal lust. For others it arouses associations of morbidity, decay and death. In its archaic and raw state it triggers aversion in many, but is welcome when served as a fragrant roast. It is peddled in discount shops and bargain counters, or traded for 200 euros per kilo.
Delving into these contrasting worlds, Stephanie Hensle explores the luxury of meat in context of adornment, indulging our lust for both on many levels. Inspired by the art of butchery, she packs resins, jewels and other traditional jewellery pieces into sausages and pâté.

Throughout she redefines not only a typology for jewellery but also our relationships to creating and acquiring it.

We Wood Watches


Conceived in Italy but based in L.A., WeWood watches combine European craftsmanship with sustainably-minded materials to reinvent the average wristwatch—in wood.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Henry Hargreaves : No Seconds, Last Meal

Friday, November 12, 2010

IKEA; The book.



Opening its first store in 1958, Ikea ranks as not just one of the most successful Swedish companies alongside Volvo but was an early pioneer in making good design accessible. Its hard to imagine modern living without the brand's inexpensive, self-assembled products (and those mysterious leftover screws!). While some of its pieces have begun to turn up at international design auctions, the lusted-after Verner Panton Vilbert chair from 1994 being one such cult item, there's little to tell of the unsung design team behind the Ikea brand.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kate Moss for top shop,


Kate teamed-up with Brighton-based Topshop concession jewellery brand Orelia to produce a capsule collection of necklaces and rings, which are unashamedly boho, featuring oxidised metal for a true vintage look.

so go buy it yeah, look at that fantastic casting, simply fantastic.

Joana Ribeiro


click to image to enlarge.

Normally i really dislike this kind of stuff, but i love this girls style, plus that logo is peng.

x-ray today.


Hand mit Ringen (Hand with Rings): print of Wilhelm Röntgen's first "medical" X-ray, of his wife's hand, taken on 22 December 1895

as i’m sure a lot of you will know (thankyou google) today is the 115th anniversary of the discovery of the x-ray.

File:Preg xray.jpg

x-ray of pregnant woman.

Efficient Dynamics; BMW


extracting maximum driving pleasure from every drop of fuel: this is the aim of EfficientDynamics. With an array of intelligent technologies, it is able to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while simultaneously enhancing your vehicle’s dynamic performance.

The array of leading-edge technologies that are part of the EfficientDynamics philosophy

are as diverse as they are innovative. From new fuel combustion technologies to lighter construction materials, low-friction components and improved aerodynamics all the way to comprehensive and highly sophisticated energy management. However, the aim of each of these innovations is the same: to deliver maximum driving pleasure from a minimum of fuel.

Steven Lefcourt; Pure Imagination II

Pure Imagination II Stretched Canvas

Pure Imagination II

by Steven Lefcourt

nendo: pyggy bank

'piggy bank collection' exhibition which is being held as part of tokyo designers week.

unravelling the history of the piggy bank, nendo learned that the name for the money collecting objects, dates back to medieval europe, when unused coins were saved in household jars made of unglazed reddish clay, or 'pygg'. a play on words from 'pygg' to 'pigg' led to the piggy bank, as we know it today.

nendo's 'pyggy bank' takes this history into consideration as its design concept.
its form offers money savers a pig-snouted bottle and jar, existing somewhere between 'pygg' and 'pig',
made from unglazed fired clay, in which individuals can place their hard-earned coins.

bitplay at tokyo designers week 2010

'bang!' lamp
'bang! lights out!'
to operate simply 'shoot the lights out'.
Point the accompanying gun at the lamp and it turns the light off,
the the lampshade knocks to an angle, showing its been hit.