Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bit ‘o’ jewry

Haute Bijouterie

The 14 piece Hardy collection has been in development for two years, and draws upon the house's rich equestrian heritage. Hardy remarked that “Hermes is not a very precious universe,” adding that he “simply went back to its roots and to the horse’s hoof, taking the roughest, strongest, almost radical element, and giving it the most feminine, modern interpretation.”

Jonathan Saunders for ATELIER SWAROVSKI rings

The graphic nine-piece range combines architectural and industrial references in a palette of black, white, gold and soft aqua.

lara bohinc



Good pig

I really love the simple lines of the piggy bank, taking an old traditional idea and making it sleek and modern.

don't really get the “bollocky” charitable side, but the design is great.

Piggy is a set of two savings banks that nest together. The larger “momma” bank is for a child’s personal savings, and the smaller bank is for the child's charitable savings.

side by side piggiespiggy detailpiggy from behindpiggy package


Friday, September 3, 2010

Vulva love lovely

The artist known as Vulva Love Lovely, goes by the slogan, "Love your vagina, love the vaginas you meet", and makes and sells vagina inspired pieces of jewelry. Potential customers have to describe their vulva in detail or send in photos. She also makes all kinds of other lovely products such as vagina pillows, uterus plushies and cell phone charms.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

'durex - easy jet' by leo p.h. chan, eric fung, joseph lau + cyan koo

you have to “"fucking” love this, designed by the fellas named in the title, for the Seoul design fair 2010,

designer's own words:
'a safe sex promotion package from durex, for first year university students in their school's orientation program.' the kit follows that of an airline safety instruction manual, with bold graphics and
clear directions.

for a better pictures go to:


george lee: a date with wine

I was a bit gutted when i saw this, as i designed almost exactly the same thing in my last year of university, guess it shows it WAS a good idea.. (jeff) hah.

New york-based designer george lee,  'a date with wine'.
the stopper is made from a food-grade stainless
steel and silicone. the main feature of this device is that it comes with twistable date rings which help users
remember when they have opened their bottles of wine, allowing them to decide whether or not their wine is
still drinkable.