Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Suppose design office: cafe la miell

Cafe la miell by suppose design office is located in the heart of niihama city in ehime. The old cafe la miell was unable to accommodate large numbers of customers with its
seating capacity,  so plans were made to open up a new cafe  across the street that would be able to seat eighty. 

For the design they proposed to make use of the fact that the site was - one meter lower than street level and rather than a two story cafe, make a split level with floors at the building's own base level and street level, beams are placed in a rhythmic way which follows the two levels, and are held up with steel and concrete posts spread out, creating a kind of dialogue between space and structure. Outside, pebbles are spread out on the beam slabs to match the landscape and the distinctive shape.

cafe la miell – interior

cafe la miell – interior

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