Saturday, January 16, 2010

raphael zarka

a collector of forms, skateboarder / artist raphaël zarka captures the sculptural possibilities of structures such as a concrete breakwater, unfinished monorail or the unrealized constructions
which litter the urban landscape. influenced by minimalism and land art, zarka's work is based on an almost scientific research of spaces and forms, guided by the need to order objects,
he says, 'to organize the chaos of the things that interest me.' his experimental approach to volume, geometry and materials resulting largely from the artist's experience of skateboarding, has enabled him to become familiar with the surface dynamics of urban space.

one particular series of photographs, 'riding modern art', is a composition of eleven photographs of skaters whose images are captured riding works of public art. his photographs emphasize the hidden dynamism in many of the public sculptures we encounter:
'what strikes me, is that skaters prioritize a relationship with the work rather than a mechanical
relationship aesthetic. for them, all the interest of a sculpture is the variety of movements that
it recommends.
' –RZ

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