Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of 2010

Thought I would do a recap of my favorite posts from the last year, whether for their design, content or ideas. If i think they really stood out, there here.

Read the full articles for more pictures or information.

JANUARY 16, 2010

I found this piece by Ruth Bellotti all the way back in January, I think its a great little commentary on today's culture, with the fast food box relating itself so nicely to the locket idea, and adding a little dig at the fast living culture.

Web here

APRIL 28, 2010

I originally picked these out for my girlfriend who loves pigs, but i have since fallen in love with these my self.

„There’s something rather contradictory about the entirely random way we approach or avoid things.
We draw on the complementary and construct complementary objects.
The seemingly contradictory complement each other.
We make something which goes far beyond its actual function.“

Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz live and work in Karlsruhe, Germany.
In 2006, they founded their design studio and the brand “Kraud”.


JUNE 2, 2010

Asking Jeff Koons to do the graphics for your Le Mans 24 hours car is a stroke of genius, so whoever at bmw did, I hope you got a raise.

“This car is about this type of life energy, this desire to achieve and this desire to win,” said Koons at the unveiling. “This life energy is up against everything and it keeps pushing through with this desire to create.”


AUGUST 4, 2010

One of the first of the artistic backlashes against the BP oil spill that I came across, Sebastian Errazuriz seemed to come up with a really simple, yet interesting way to show his pointless anger.

OCTOBER 6, 2010

After living in Korea for a short time, one of the things i quickly came to grips with was how little the Korean war has affected the current young generation, however, they seem to be fighting their own war against the American soldiers and media that have taken camp in south Korea. It seems that half the young population love and embrace the “Americanisation” that's happening, while the other, artistic counter culture are fighting against it.

Kim Do-Yeon came up with these medals to show his angst towards the current “heroes” of the American empire that are portrayed by the south Korean media.

OCTOBER 31, 2010

When I found out that Anthony Burrill had done this limited run of 200 screen prints in October I had to have one. shame it didn’t work like that, but I still think it was a great bit of work. With then all printed with oil taken from the Gulf of Mexico.

NOVEMBER 8, 2010

Even though i still cant remember how i came across her work, i still think its stands out. With the simple use of natural shapes and forms, Joana Ribeiro creates great pieces of jewellery.

DECEMBER 6, 2010

Black and Rose Growth Collection, Double Stud Stacking Ring, March 2010

This one article stood our for me most this year, and for one simple reason, it was my first interview. Plus I really love Ros Millar’s work and the fact that I was able to get such a personal explanation about her work was fantastic.


I would just like to say “good luck” to everyone next year, thanks for reading, I never expected it to be regularly read by so many people.

Here’s to another fantastic year of design!


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