Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Designers 2011

Last night I attended the opening night of new designers, opened by Stephen Webster, the evening was just as fantastic as i remembered it last year.

New Designers is a showcase of the best graduates from every major university in Britain, broken into two weeks, the first being jewellery and precious metals, ceramics, textiles, fashion, accessories and contemporary applied arts, and the second week, graphic design, spatial design, furniture and product design.

The standard of the work was so high, that I'm going back again tomorrow,its on until Saturday and then the second week starts.

Please, if you get a chance, GO! you will be blown away at the quality of the work, not to mention the amount of people exhibiting there. plus its only £14 entry, and you can easily lose hours in there.

One Year On, is also one of the highlights of the show, with people such as Ros Millar, Elizabeth Humble, Myia Bonner and Rebecca Hill’s work leaving me disgusted with their huge amount of talent.

Here is a couple of pictures, but expect a bigger write up soon!





  1. Love it! Show us more, for those of us who can't get there!! Thank you!

  2. @sam Will do, i've got a list of the ten ones to watch!! coming soon!

  3. @maketh Cheers man.. really loved your post on @AtelierMinyon

  4. It all looks beautiful. Would love to make it down one year. Managed to see Elizabeth Humble's work at her degree show, it is stunning. xx

  5. @Jolly Good, it really is, she is great! you absolutely should make it a part of your year, i cant tell you just how much i enjoyed it this year!