Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jane Gowans Jewellery: Her Work & Twitter Interview

Jane Gowans work is simplicity and complexity, bundled together. Her “matchstick” collection is simply divine, with every piece creating striking yet simple visual lines with the occasional flourish of white. While her “limited edition” collection walks forward from previous work but still keeps her signature style, working with precious stones, thick gold plating and only producing one of each ring really projects a welcome warm luxury.

Working from her studio in Scotland, Jane is dedicated to pushing her work and expanding her audience. She has worked with companies such as EMI Records, as well as other international stockists, clients from the fashion industry and private commissions.


We did a quick twitter interview.

@janegowans How did you get into making jewellery?

@F7jewellery I was inspired to become a jewellery designer because of its tactile, 3-dimensional construction.

@F7jewellery I have always been drawn to working with my hands and precious metal too- its soo shiny #magpie

@janegowans Where does your inspiration come from?

@F7jewellery I am inspired by the everyday things. I love process and materials and always enjoy finding new ways to work with them.

@janegowans How do you go about designing a piece of work, i.e. where is your starting point?

@F7jewellery I work in so many ways. I tend to use the constructionist approach of piecing it together and building as I go.

@F7jewellery Altho I love to draw, scribble and paint too.

@janegowans What's your favourite piece so far, or which one did you enjoy making the most?

@F7jewellery It has to be the limited Edition series. It was just so luxurious. My fav in the series has to be this one bit.ly/lfPcRa

@janegowans ok last question! What do you go for first in a haribo starmix?

@F7jewellery It would have to be the jelly rings :) #predictable

Jane Gowans MatchsticksJane Gowans MatchsticksJane Gowans MatchsticksJane Gowans Matchsticks

Jane Gowans Limited EditionJane Gowans Limited EditionJane Gowans Limited Edition

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