Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Becky Dockree –Things on My Mind

Becky Dockree’s “Things On My Mind" brings her creative ability to life with an imaginative collaboration of words within her pieces. Bold and beautiful, her work is wholly inspiring.

As soon as you see her work you can tell that Becky Dockree really does put a little bit of herself into every piece. Her Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass designs are all hand crafted with intricate drawings etched into the metals as well as words that she has felt and thought whilst working on it.

Each piece has a very solid feel to it, it’s bold and unique and has a great contrasting feel between the irregular, hard shape of the overall piece and the small delicate drawings that are etched onto it.

The collection overall has a very surreal appearance, look at a piece one way and see just the words on an abstract base and then in an instance you notice the image and the words simply merge into as if they were part of the original sketch. It is the blend of crisp, sharp materials and the intricate details that makes the work truly unique.


Whether its the overall shape that appeals or the faces that suddenly appear out of the work there is no denying that what Becky Dockree creates is unusual and inspiring. “The Things On My Mind” collection is all in silver which seems to give a lighter feel to the jewellery.

For something a little different and perhaps more for the daring amongst us, the larger shapes of the Etch a Sketch collection will turn more than a few heads. Each colour of the metals provides something new to Becky’s designs, even though the same techniques are applied they all have their own personality.

Her work is almost a collection of concept design, illustration and jewellery merged into one to create something not often seen. A designer who’s personality shines through her work and yet it still relates to the customers as individuals.

To find about more about Becky Dockree head to her website at and see what other work she has on display.


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