Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simon Ålander : Water, malt, hops & yeast


Beautiful typography can really influence the way a consumer looks at a product, in this case, the font created by Simon Ålander seems to fantastically match the essence of the product.

He writes

This was an assignment for school where I was asked to design some sort of packaging — so I decided to make a fictional beer label. The reason that I wanted to make a beer label was because I like the format of the bottle and I wanted to experiment with that. Water, malt, hops & yeast is an organic lager made for design-conscious people who also think about the environment.

The label on the front is a customized hand-drawn version of the beautiful typeface Phaeton with lots of soft curves to enhance the ecological feeling of the label. For the copy on the back I've used Underware's typeface Dolly.”

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