Sunday, October 3, 2010

Susana Blasco

portada premios 09 ok.indd Susana Blascoportada premios 09 ok.indd Susana Blasco1_wfdj_ReneMagritteTheTuneandAlsotheWords_1964 René Magritte “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”3_wfdj_notagun_davekinsey Dave Kinsley “not a gun”


This is a brand new set of colored squares with precious objects inside them by artist Susana Blasco. She’s made it a quest for herself to enlarge single moments of brilliance into squares of truth, if you will, by photographing (and sometimes manipulating) objects, putting them then onto a single color background – or putting them on a single color background and photographing them. Whichever comes first. This newest set goes by the name “Ceci n’est pas un hommage à Magritte,” which in English means, “This is not an homage to Magritte,” which is of course speaking about the famous artist René Magritte, who is of course famous for doing paintings of single subject matter such as a pipe.

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