Monday, August 8, 2011

Kerry Howley: Aversion/Attraction “Hair Jewellery”

The first person to submit through the new tab at the top, and what an amazing submission!

I’m quite disappointed actually because Kerry was exhibiting at New Designers this year and I missed her. I would have loved to have seen this work up close, as the detail and work that has gone into each piece is just fantastic, and so so evident. Although I love “art” or “concept” jewellery, it seems that some is just a little too arty and often over compensates, almost as if the artists are ashamed of there work as jewellery. However, Kerry’s concept is just so perfectly matched to her work, and her description so explicit that it creates fantastic jewellery.

Her work is currently being show at The National Centre for Craft and Design.

Kerry writes “The collection is entitled Attraction/Aversion and comprises of 5 hair necklaces. The concept is that materials can provoke emotions in us, and sometimes they can evoke emotions that seem totally at odds. Through the use of hair as a material, I wanted to see if I could provoke both feelings of attraction and aversion simultaneously. Hair was an appropriate material to use as it is so familiar. We take pride in it and care for it yet when it falls out it becomes something disgusting to us. In the plughole, hair is clean and only recently detached from your head but there is something innately repulsive about a tangle of hair. I used pattern as a way to combat those feelings of aversion as pattern is something we are instinctively attracted to, it serves no function other than to please us. The pieces are necklaces because they are a familiar form of adornment that is hugely popular and covetable. Hair is also historically familiar in jewellery as a form of memento mori, or mourning jewellery. However I did not seek to renew that link in my work, the necklaces are purely a material exploration of my ideas of emotional conflict.”

Kerry Howley 1 (3)Kerry Howley 1 (4)Kerry Howley 1 (5)Kerry Howley 1For Web Kerry Howley BA Jewellery Middlesex Uni 'Aversion-Attraction' Hair Necklace 2 Low ResKerry Howley 1 (2)

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