Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Origin 2011: Day Five Highlights, Stefania Lucchetta & Jane Macintosh

For the last of our highlights of Origin, we bring you Stefania Lucchetta and Jane Macintosh. Origin is now closed, so if you didn’t get to go, make sure you check out F7’s previous posts!
Stefania Lucchetta
Stefania Lucchetta creates jewels with a strong contemporary aesthetic, resulting from a long and deep research on shapes, materials and new techniques. She uses both cutting edge technologies and more traditional techniques, working with materials such as titanium, anallergic steel and resin, sometimes combined with precious metals.

Jane Macintosh
One-off pieces of jewellery using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Precious metals are combined so they enhance each other with their subtle contrasts of tone and colour and add depth to the cool geometry of the designs. The silver is sometimes oxidised for a dramatic effect and gemstones are used as highlights.

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