Monday, September 26, 2011

Origin 2011: Day Four Highlights, Ruth Tomlinson & Susi Hines

Day four at Origin, and today’s highlights are brought to you from Ruth Tomlinson and Susi Hines, both fantastically intricate designers, but again, both totally different. I love Ruth’s style, and the mixture of gems perfectly contrasts the way she works into the metal, giving each piece a completely individual look. While with Susi’s jewellery, you can feel the time and planning that has gone into each section of her work, her neckpieces are just simply stunning for a metalwork geek like me, as well as being totally beautiful in their own right.

Ruth Tomlinson

She writes; My jewellery is driven by a passion for tiny intricacies, small oddities and my search for preciousness within the world. My inspiration comes from lifecycles, change in nature and the history of jewellery. There are five collections to date including Flora, Encrustations, Hoard, Sketch and the 'Diamond and Wedding' collection.

Ruth TomlinsonRuth TomlinsonRuth TomlinsonRuth TomlinsonRuth Tomlinson


Susi Hines

She writes; Fine jewellery in 18ct gold and silver, this collection is influenced by orreries and spheres. I use both traditional and modern techniques with etching and engraving. My work engages from a distance as well as close up by using movement, rotation and linkage.

Susi HinesSusi HinesSusi HinesSusi HinesSusi Hines

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