Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Darkroom : Haunted – Sotis

24 carat gold vessels  - Click to close

As part of Haunted, Darkroom are showing other key designers along with Quentin Jones’s (click Here to read the previous article)

As soon as you set eyes on Sotis Filippides's ceramics, you want to touch them and it is this tactile quality that has become the trademark of his work.From generous bowls to tall, tapering pots, each piece is a tribute to his love of texture.


Expertly thrown, with their grainy exteriors in dark earthy shades and softly coloured contrasting interiors, at first glance these ceramics appear to be fashioned from a more solid material. Yet pick up any of these pieces and you will discover that they are feather-light and deceptively delicate.

Shapes are simple, since Sotis believes it is important that people recognise and identify with each piece. Although he has experimented with gloss finishes, he prefers mall glazes and natural oxides, such as copper and iron. His choice of colours reflects the objects of his inspiration: natural deep earthy-brown tones contrast with soft sky-blues, while charcoal-greys arc teamed with chalky whites.

24 carat gold vessels  - Click to close24 carat gold vessels  - Click to close24 carat gold vessels  - Click to close

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