Thursday, October 13, 2011

David Bielander : Building a Steak of Creativity


“Building a Steak of Creativity” showcases the results of David Bielander’s collaboration with Michelle Taylor. During his West Australian residency the Swiss-born jeweller met many people from Perth’s cultural sector and this exhibition captures Bielander’s interactions with, and perceptions of, the city’s cultural genealogy via a series of life-sized photographic portraits of some of Perth’s creative personalities taken by Taylor on Coogee Beach near Fremantle.

Bielander has created jewellery for each portrait and personally selected each subject. His selection of a niche but broad selection of local creative people, combined with Taylor’s photographs which capture the saturated light and colour typical of Perth beaches, offer a super-sized postcard of Western Australia’s social and cultural identity. The exhibition title is a reference to FORM’s tagline and a play on the state’s cultural dreams and idiosyncrasies.

These exhibitions are designed and delivered by FORM, a Western Australian cultural not-for-profit which develops and advocates for excellence in creativity across communities, disciplines and sectors. Midland Atelier is a major project and a partnership between FORM and the Midland Redevelopment Authority.


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