Monday, October 3, 2011

Genna Delaney: Jewellery

About her own work she writes; Architecture is a major influence in my work which inspires both geometric forms and organic sculptures. Movement is also a prominent force where rare coloured stones can be moved along the labyrinths of my work. My pieces are tactile, playful and sculptural. Natural rock formations influence the texture and layering of many of my designs. The Scottish landscape has influenced some of the curves and shapes of pendants.
I enjoy working with precious metals such as silver and gold. I love using unusually shaped stones and I set them in innovative ways into many of my one-off pieces. However, I also experiment in incorporating non-precious materials such as plastics; glass and resins too.

Genna Delaney

Labyrinth Neckpiecedendriticquartz np ringrolleredframehorgoldleaf pendear copy

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